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  • Building leading digital entertainment platforms
  • Open & multi-culture working environment
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits package
Những thuyền trưởng của team Tech <3
Không khi thảo luận giữa QA Team và Front End Team

Về Chúng Tôi

Chief Technology Officer - Martin Papy

What’s the #1 reason you chose POPS Worldwide?

For the first time in my career I have the opportunity to build a product for my own company. I am coming from the Outsourcing and Digital Agency world where I mostly work for clients. Here at POPS, every day I can help and really be a part of the success of our App.

What's one favorite thing about your job?

I think my favorite thing is to keep the Inspiration for our Team Members. It is that they have the true chance to work in a Vietnamese company with international standards, developing a 100% made Vietnamese product for Vietnamese people that is so successful that we are now rolling it out in other countries.

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Hồ Chí Minh

Fl.4th, Block A, Viettel Building, 285 Cach MangThang 8 St., W.12, Dist. 10, HCMC, Vietnam, District 10, Ho Chi Minh
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