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Being a boost engine of LOTTE Group which carries out the best performance in business areas of distribution, manufacturing/construction, chemicals, finance and service, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION is a company specialized in IT services and is leading the informatization of 21 C. Since the establishment in 1996, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION is maximizing the business value of our clients by enhancing the level of informatization with our organized IT services including System Management(SM), System Integration(SI), IT consulting and e-biz. LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION is continuously moving forward to bring out the IT services that satisfy our clients and to establish a brand-new world of Ubiquitous filled with love, liberty and abundance. Since the establishment of datacenter, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION is making a new leap forward...

Chuyên Môn Của Chúng Tôi

Lotte Data Communication Tuyển Dụng

Senior Magento Developer(PHP/JavaScript)

Ho Chi Minh

Senior Java Developers (JavaScript/J2EE)

Ho Chi Minh

IT System Management (HCM, Nha Trang)

Ho Chi Minh

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Địa Điểm

12 Tân Trào, (Tầng 11, Tòa Petroland), District 7, Ho Chi Minh
12 Tân Trào, (Tầng 11, Tòa Petroland), District 7, Ho Chi Minh

Tổng lượt truy cập: 1100

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