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Personal financial planning has always been key to any individual’s success. It is challenging in any aspects of this process, from accumulating to selecting, managing and ultimately growing sustainably. was founded on the idea of bringing to the market and consumers a complete platform, to manage their wealth professionally, wisely, efficiently and suits their risk appetite. sets out the vision to become the most trusted wealth platform in Vietnam, with the following missions:

1. To digitize traditional investment consultation services

2. To connect individual investors with various financial investment products

3. To understand and provide customers with investment products that suite their risk appetite and financial goals

4. To create a marketplace for individual investors to trade, exchange and further improve their investment liquidity

5. To provide the most cost-effective retail sales channel for financial product issuers

Địa Điểm

71 Bùi Tá Hán, Phường An Phú
District 2
Ho Chi Minh

Tổng lượt truy cập: 2,122

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