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2 Employee Reviews

Excellent place to work

April 2020

What I liked

At Stringee, I have been able to use the software easily and glitch-free. it helps me manage my data and calls through an omnichannel so that I reach the appropriate results. The fact that it is affordable and much cheaper than the market helps us cut costs yet receive the very same results.
Low cost
Easy to Use
Easy Login

Stringee would be suited for any company and is looking for a product that helps with inbound and outbound calls because of it a very cost-effective software for this purpose. The fact that we get abundant features within the given price range makes it the best choice. To be able to integrate data from different platforms is essential in today's world and I couldn't have been happier.
Fair to the employees and you get paid for the extra hours. The work is accounted for and hardwork is paid off.

Sản phẩm tốt, sếp công tâm.

September 2019

What I liked

The salary is really good, the manager always tries to increase my salary before I request. There are many training courses about soft skills, celebrated by the CEO, and self-training about technical.

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