TCE DENIM loves challenge, creativity, people, and our mother nature.

TCE has been producing denim fabrics for the first time in Korea and  has secured technological strength as a denim production company for the last 60 years. It has built a one-stop production line that covers everything from existing denim fabric business to denim garment sewing and washing. Currently, Vietnam production denim mills produce 3.5 million yards of denim fabric per month, and this is the biggest fabric capacity in Vietnam. Also, we produce monthly 300,000 denim garment sewing and 500,000 wash production. We are making efforts to reduce the time and cost of customers, and to raise the cost and management efficiency by constructing the vertical integration of the production line. In addition, we have the technology and know-how to design as much as manufacture and use our own dyeing machine. TCE’s passion for denim is not just about quality. We think of the earth beyond the denim. Denim from cotton is made of water, steam, electricity, dye chemicals and so on. They are all from nature and we focus on the eco-friendlier production that have the minimal impact on nature even when producing 1-yard denim fabrics and 1 piece of denim garment.


Software Engineer (JavaScript, SQL)



Thôn 1 Lê Lợi - Xã Hoằng Đồng , Huyện Hoằng Hóa , Thanh Hóa, Việt Nam, Thanh Hóa
Thôn 1 Lê Lợi - Xã Hoằng Đồng , Huyện Hoằng Hóa , Thanh Hóa, Việt Nam, Thanh Hóa

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