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SICLO – mobile & web apps development studio

Software powers all human activities: economy, healthcare, transportation... Because it is so critical, we cannot let crappy software interfere with our lives. This is why we believe that we, software engineers, have a great responsibility: we are software craftsmen.

Siclo is a software company, delivering web & mobile apps to businesses. Our focus is to be proud of the quality we deliver, using the latest technologies, tools & methodologies. We have branches in Vietnam, France and Singapore.

Our startup-like environment is designed to be human-sized. We encourage people to express their ideas, experiment, be autonomous, and help each other.

We are passionate about technology, curious about architecture, new frameworks, code practices. We love solving complex technical challenges for our clients, and contributing to the open-source community.

We can’t wait to meet you! :-)

Our Technologies, Tools, Influencers

*** Mobile ***
iOS/Swift, Android/Java, MVC/MVP, CoreData, Realm, Retrofit, GSON, Quick/Nimble...

*** Web & back-end ***
PHP (Laravel, Symfony), AngularJs, React, Java, NodeJs, .Net, MongoDB, SQL, PHPUnit…

*** Tools ***
Slack, Jenkins, SonarQube, GitLab, Docker, Fastlane, Selenium

*** Practices ***
Pair Programming, Unit Tests, Code reviews, CI, Agile

*** Books ***
Clean Code, The Software Craftsman, Clean Coder

*** Our Influencers ***
Uncle Bob, Sandro Mancuso, Vasco Duarte, Kent Beck

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Great office & technical environment (all mac)
  • 2 Learn from experts & fast-track your career
  • 3 Yearly team building and regular team outings

Our People

Business Manager - Tanguy

What's one favorite thing about your job?

I really love to meet clients. Understand their problematics, listen to their needs.... With Siclo I can meet foreign and vietnamese companies, either in Vietnam or abroad which is really great and interesting for my career. I have the chance to go to France, Singapore, Hong Kong and hope whole Apac soon !

Describe your typical day

I arrive at the office around 9:30AM, I start by taking a coffee with my colleagues, we talk a bit about our week-end, evenings, and I start my day. I send emails to my clients on the morning, spend time on Linkedin and make business development. The afternoon I make a focus on my clients, I meet them at their office or I go to networking.

Lead Project Manager - Benjamin

Describe your typical day

When I arrive at the office is make a large coffee and enjoy the view on Saigon while drinking it. Then I check my emails and discuss with the developers to define the plan for the day and validate what was developed the day before.
In the afternoon I have calls with clients and finish the day by going through their feedbacks and requirements.

What's one favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing in the office is the way it’s organized with a big open space so you can discuss with everyone and the large windows on 3 sides, which give us an amazing view on Saigon and lots of light


25 Hoang Hoa Tham, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh
25 Hoang Hoa Tham, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh

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