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The pioneer company in designing Business Processing Re-Engineering using AI technology.

We aim to design innovative AI solutions to transform business!

Cinnamon AI Labs ( is the pioneer company in consulting and designing innovative solutions using AI technology for business. We aim to become a leading global company in this field by 2025. Such tremendous challenge proves Cinnamon's drastic and passion to transform business with AI solutions.

Join us to research on cool AI projects!

  • Flax Scanner: Extracts information from unstructured forms and stores in a structured database; be able to work with both hand-writing and text data.
  • Scuro Bot: Utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Lapis Engine: A highly accurate recommendation engine which utilizes vectorization of users and product information.

Our Captions And Competitive Advantage

We are group of talents who are thirsty to design innovative solutions. Cinnamon's captains:• Hajime Hotta (Co-founder, CTO), PhD focused on neural network in Keio University, Japan• Miku Hirano (Co-founder, CEO), AI master degree at Tokyo University, Japan• Yoshiaki Ieda (COO), 13-year experience in project management in global companies (IT, FMCG industries)We're among few global companies who are able to commercialise AI technology and bring huge impact to businesses


AI Research/ Engineer (Machine Learning)

Ho Chi Minh
Ha Noi

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 We are the pioneer in an UNIQUE AI market
  • 2 We are OPEN in sharing your own working styles
  • 3 We have a TOP-TIER team of talented people

The chance to work on COOL world-class projects!

We’re not an academic research institute. We’re a global AI product company. Our focus is to create applicable AI products which can bring huge impact to users. In order to do so, our solutions is the combination of innovative AI core technology and solid business understanding. There are 3 main categories:

  • Scuro Bot: An assistant which utilizes Natural Language Processing. Scuro Bot is designed on different OTT messaging platforms to bring unique customer experience or to remove boring & low value-added administration tasks
  • Flax Scanner: An AI software application which extracts information from unstructured forms and creates formatted digital documents which are stored in structured database. Flax Scanner can work with both hand-writing and text data. This product is the result of the effective combination between AI experience and UX thinking to bring actual business return.
  • Lapis Engine: A highly accurate recommendation engine which utilizes vectorization of user and product information. Lapis engine's algorithms are built upon strong business understanding to design most effective matching tool for specific markets (Recruitment, E-commerce and Real estate).

We’re building up our products by working closely with clients. The accumulated data and revenue will prepare us to file patents in the near future.

How is our working environment?

We strongly believe that go-global ambition requires international-standard members. Cinnamon will create the best environment for all members to grow toward that goal.

  • Ownership in working: You are empowered to take ownership of your jobs, regardless to your role (team leader, developer or administrative assistant). Activeness in innovative thinking and communication are expected. Moreover, you will be given the chance to manage work progress yourself and given the power to require others to achieve their work in the highest quality (even director or manager level)
  • Ambition in goal setting: If we’re able to create products using AI technology as the core. We should think big and aim at global market. This is the only way to survive and grow sustainably. Each and every Cinnamon member has to have the belief and confidence in doing so. As management team, our goal is to push each member to do better. Because it is the only way to become No.1
  • Integrity in culture: Integrated communication is the must in developing AI product due to its complexity and strong collaboration among developers and researchers.


Cinnamon appreciates value of each member’s contribution!

We believe that we should value and recognise the role of each member. This is why Cinnamon people decide to join the fight with us.

  • Competitive salary package which suits to each person’s value
  • Each member is empowered and given the chance to develop necessary skills. The rocket growing speed of the company creates tremendous chances for everyone
  • 13th-month-salary bonus, annual medical checkup in private hospital, flexible working, etc. create high satisfaction at work
  • Monthly team building activities and annual all-hands meeting and company retreats (2015 in Malaysia, 2014 & 2016 in Bangkok)



11 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Ha Noi
11 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Ha Noi

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