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Mecury Studio, fast growing gaming supplier for Android, IOS & major platform.

Mecury are always committed to develop a diverse portfolio of gaming products and engage the best entertainment experiences. Our product line includes advance technology that set industry trends & align rapidly transform player preferences. As the gaming technology evolve tremendously, we respond by developing innovative products to meet the demanding market. We always provide top notch solutions to our customers in Asia region. Visit us

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.NET Framework

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.NET Developer

Ho Chi Minh

Tại Sao Bạn Sẽ Yêu Thích Làm Việc Tại Đây

  • 1 Bonus performance 1- 6 month
  • 2 Fantastic benefits, high salaries.
  • 3 Allowance Birthday, wedding, funeral, born

Love your work? Imagine that! Here at the Mecury, With an office area of over 350 square meters, we are a family with over 60 people living and working together for 8 hours. Mecury Studio fell very happy to build a team of talented and dynamic people. We have created so many games for customers across the country. Welcome to Mecury to join us in the development and success— where you can develop your professional skills, realize your leadership potential and discover a career that is so much more than a job. A range of fantastic benefits, competitive salaries and host of growth opportunities.

Địa Điểm

2 Mai Văn Vĩnh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh
2 Mai Văn Vĩnh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh

Tổng lượt truy cập: 6461

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