WORLD BIZNet K.K. developed and has operate a mobile App service

Itrippy ( ) that offers valuable deals and coupons of international travel destinations to target international travelers.  The revenue customers are merchants who desire to reach out inbound foreign travelers.

Currently i-Trippy focuses on Japanese merchants to join i-Trippy and offer their coupons and promote i-Trippy App for foreign travelers to download.

The service is composed with backend system, a web service, and an App, on Google Cloud Platform.


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PHP Developer (MVC, OOP)

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Lập trình Viên Java/ReactJS/Spring/.Net

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Chuyên viên Quản trị - Vận hành

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03 Mobile Dev (Xamarin/ React Native)

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05.NET Dev (C#, ASP.NET Core, MVC, SQL)

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