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We are working as a development center for a global group. We're searching and implementing many financial technology solutions.
We are 3 years old and have more than 10 applications and services released for the Japanese market and around the world. We focus on financial technology solutions such as Forex, Stock, Investment, etc...
We have been developing web and mobile apps and we've invested in developing expertise in every aspect of the software development process. We've built a team of highly-trained developers. We believe in people, interactions, collaboration, responding to change, and delivering working, quality software.

Love It, Love Technicals And Love Researching

We're a production company, we're developing many products by using the latest technicals. We use AWS Services, Google Cloud Services and more. Using Gilab & Backlog as the main tools for developers. We're using English in communicating with partners from Japan, UK, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Working on startup environment
  • 2 Opportunity to improve technical & leader skills
  • 3 Performance review 2 time a year.

  • Join in startup company will be a good chance for all developers who want to take part in a "full-stacks" environment.
  • Our talented leaders will help you improve your skills quickly.
  • We have many small, medium, and large projects. Our aim is to train new members to become leaders in a short time.
  • Friendly environment, very young company and enthusiastic developers.
  • Good benefits, we'll try to increase them more and more in future.


209 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh
209 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh

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