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Overview about Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd

Company Profile

Since 1975, PhillipCapital has grown as an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence that offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail, corporate and institutional customers.

Phillip Securities Pte Ltd is a member of PhillipCapital, which is a group of companies offering a wide range of financial services and products to retail and corporate customers. The products/services include broking in securities and futures, fund management, unit trusts, insurance planning, private equity, research, and corporate finance

Our comprehensive suite of financial products and services includes fund management, managed accounts, unit trusts, insurance planning, regular savings, contracts for difference, exchange-traded funds, investment research, equity financing, property, and broking in bonds, securities, futures, foreign exchange, precious metals, and commodities. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

PhillipCapital (with headquarters in Singapore) operates in the financial hubs of 17 countries, with offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand,…

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Oversea training opportunities (Singapore)
  • 2 The laptop will be provided
  • 3 100% salary during the probation

At PhillipCapital, we create a vibrant work environment where employees collaborate with our international teams or meet international clients and engage in meaningful activities.

  • 14th-month salary
  • 15 days of annual leave & Sick leave 
  • Oversea training opportunities (Singapore)
  • Monthly allowance
  • The laptop will be provided 
  • 100% salary during the probation period and Social Insurance contributions in full 


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