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ITviec’s objective is to help IT people make better career decisions and to help employers improve their working environments. We enable constructive, public feedback from employees to employers through our Company Review function.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that everyone can benefit from a helpful and authentic community.

Be an insider and keep it real — We approve reviews that offer insights that can only come from an employee who's been there. Please only submit one company review per employer where you worked.

Every place has pro and con — We believe there's something positive about every workplace and there’s always room to improve. So, we invite you to think about work from a few perspectives and include both a pro and a con to provide a balanced review.

Anonymous — We believe each reviewer has the right to speak openly and honestly without fear of reprisal, so every review captured is displayed anonymously.

Keep calm and be an intellectual (ex)employee — We realize talking about work can get some people lose their temper, but we don't approve reviews that include certain profanities, threats, violent references, malicious personal attack, sexual or prejudiced or aggressive or hateful sentiments or any obscenities, aggressive, or discriminatory language that we consider unacceptable for our community. We will reject reviews that include accusations of, or threats of, violence. General discussions of workplace misconduct are totally allowed.

Help the Vietnamese IT community — The purpose of your review is to help others discover the best IT workplaces in Vietnam, so all content should be in reference to the experience of working at the specific company in question. We reject reviews that do not relate to an employer, are too specific to your personal situation, are off-topic or are otherwise not useful or meaningful to our community. We will reject any content meant as an advertisement or containing a web link.

Be original — All reviews should be original – no substantial quoted material from other sources, including (but not limited to) websites, e-mail correspondence, other reviews, etc.

Be careful with sensitive information — There is a difference between providing insight and insider information. Do not submit reviews that reveal trade secrets or other confidential, internal company information. To safeguard privacy, we do not allow you to identify yourself or include any contact information (about yourself or others) in your posts.

Remember your grammar — Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but we expect you to make an effort. Please do not use excessive capitalisation or punctuation, poor grammar and/or spelling, improper formatting, nonsense words, repeated words or filler characters.

By submitting a review on ITviec you agree to the following terms and conditions:

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2. Standards and right not to publish: ITviec reserves at its sole discretion the right not to publish or to edit any Content that is found to not meet our standards, or for any reason or no reason, and remove any Content post-publication it deems inappropriate. These standards preclude any submissions that include information that is found to, or in ITviec’s opinion may, be libellous, factually incorrect, incentivised by third parties, identify individuals or disclose personal information, contain poor grammar or offensive language, reference illegal activities or sensitive company information, or any submissions ITviec deems not helpful to, or not in the spirit of helping, candidates.

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Important notice — ITviec use confidential technology filters & algorithms to detect attempted abuse and gaming. We love employers to encourage their employees to share honest reviews on ITviec, but we might reject reviews where we conclude the reviews are untrustworthy by its sole discretion.