SurePark is an Internet-of-Things (IOT) based smart parking platform, that seamlessly tackles the pressing issue of finding parking by providing real providing real-time parking availability data through proprietary hardware & software.

Our “plug & play” model ensures SurePark’s wireless sensors are easily deployable, in outdoor & indoor parking spaces. They transmit real-time data to display useful analytics on parking occupancy & revenue, on a dashboard, enabling parking management to devise effective pricing strategies and make management decisions to maximize occupancy and revenue.

The SurePark smartphone navigates drivers exactly to an available spot, in a carpark, reducing search time by 90%. SureReserve is a value added feature, that allows motorists to reserve a parking spot.

We are a small but growing team of hardware, software and business people. We are seeking to add team members to work on the hardware & software systems of our solution. If you enjoy working with passionate engineers where you’re challenged to think outside the box, you will find our company a great fit. And you will learn a lot in a short time.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Opportunity to work on Internet-of-things system
  • 2 Opportunity to take on leadership role
  • 3 Opportunity to travel to Singapore/China for work


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