NAL Solutions tuyển dụng việc làm IT

NAL provides various services offshore development in Vietnam.


We are not only an IT company but also an IT family where we live, code, test, play and do anything together.

NALS encourages all members to communicate directly and openly. We offer all Nalsers to express their own opinions (like/dislike). We always listen to each others.

NALS is full of experiences where Nalsers have more than 10 years in various IT workplaces.

NALS desires to create open-sharing culture. We appreciate sharing in teamwork environment, which helps all members develop and enhance their skills.

NALS don’t mind working time. The only thing we care for is the responsibility and the quality of your work/production. Everyone can choose starting/finishing working time.

NALS is a flat workplace where all Nalsers (included CEO, PO, DEV, …) are equal.

If NALS is the workplare you are looking for, please send us your CV immediately! 



Senior PHP Dev (MySQL, HTML5)

Da Nang

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Flexible working time
  • 2 Free, comfortable and beautiful workplace
  • 3 Personal development

  • Attractive salary according to personal skills and experiences
  • Performance Appraisal Review 02 times per year(10 - 30% per time)
  • Beautiful and comfortable workplace
  • Flexible working time – Do not mind the working time at NALS. We’re only focus on your responsibilities and qualities of your tasks/productions.
  • Free in-house food&beverage (milk, juices, coffee, tea, ….)
  • Provided the best devices such as Latest Macbook Pro, Screen, Iphone X, Samsung S8, …
  • Free training such as Scrum Master, Agile Leader, CodeGym, …
  • NALS Care Insurance build by NALS team (much more flexible and better than Bao Viet Insurance)
  • Adhoc promotion according to excellent performances and good review from other members
  • Onsite opputinities – Short-term/Long-term in Japan and other countries


  • Free Lunch with CULI team for Nalser in probation
  • Annual Company Trip and Year End Party
  • Teambuilding for each production team(huge budget per person)
  • NALS Sea Games - Sport Competition for Nalser
  • NALS Events per week, per month, per quarter (Hosted by Doraemon team)



Toà nhà F-Home - Văn phòng cho thuê, 16 Lý Thường Kiệt, Thạch Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
Toà nhà F-Home - Văn phòng cho thuê, 16 Lý Thường Kiệt, Thạch Thang

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