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The Most Exciting, Interesting, Challenging and Fun Projects Are Found At Monster Pixel

Monster Pixel is a development studio serving customers around the world from our development studio in Ho Chi Minh City. We are full-stack software developers with individual teams focused on their core langage and/or programming skillset. We have built a company where developers can grow with us. We value each other. We also value high performance and personal time to pursue your dreams outside of your work. Monster Pixel prides itself on providing interesting projects for our staff to work on and for caring deeply about the well-being of every aspect of our team members' lives. Come work with us and help us be the preiminent software consulting company in Asia (and the world).

Java, Java Script, I Os , Php, Html, C++, Swift, Ruby,

Our company has the approach of getting work done. What tech environments and methods we deploy are completely up to the customer, the team and varies by project.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 High Salary, benefits
  • 2 Challenging, interesting, international projects
  • 3 Encouraging team that will help you grow
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If you want to be part of a team who cares about you and more about getting work done than how work is done, set an interview with Monster Pixel today.

We provide generous salary, paid time off and a fun, comfortable work environment. You will also have the chance to work with a team of professional software developers who are the best of the best. We also provide free cooked lunches every day in our offices and many chances to socialize outside of work.

- High Salary Commisserate With Your Capabilites
- Our highest paid developers earn over $4,000 per month and you can achieve that too working with us if you prove you’re the best.
- 13th month Salary
- 1 paid days off each month
- Flexible work time.
- Opportunities to attend developer conferences
- You will have free lunch, food, drink
- Non-working days: Saturday and Sunday
- Holidays: Vietnam Public Holidays
- Annual salary review based on performance.
- Private Insurance
- Weekly party
- Sport and Gym.

Our People

lần đầu làm chuyện ấy - my first time

What's one favorite thing about your job?

they just like a kid. always asked you what they get....

Describe your typical day

deal with HR, accounting , design company web ....

lũ quỷ đi xe phim - action team

What's cool about your workstation?

họ lúc nào cũng chỉ nghỉ tới ăn thôi....

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

mình lên kế hoạch cho mọi việc để công ty không buồn chán lúc nào cũng năng động và đoàn kết. lúc nào cũng chia sẻ với nhau

Monster CO or Super Man CO - company wall

What's cool about your workstation?

môi trường làm việc năng động. mọi người đều có thể phát huy khả năng của mình trong công việc.

What's the coolest skill you've learned?

về phần mình đã học được thì không ít và cũng kg muốn bàn cãi. Hãy gia nhập với chún tôi rồi bạn sẽ thấy

Company wall 1 - Company wall 1

Describe your typical day

What’s the #1 reason you chose Monster Pixel?


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Ho Chi Minh

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