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Floating Cube is a Singaporean company with a presence in Vietnam since 2009. We make EPOS - a point-of-sale and business management platform with over 200 customers in Singapore including Parkway Hospitals, Paris Baguette and Nanyang Technological University.

Our current technical challenges include shifting our system from web to native apps (JS/Python -> C#) and to faster, more performant servers (Python -> Golang), from the ground up, while developing new products in the self-service kiosk and business intelligence space.

In the past, we made beautiful, polished mobile apps for global clients, including MNCs such as Citibank and Louis Vuitton. We specialise in consumer-facing apps, and have over 30 apps in Google and iOS App Stores under our own brands.

(If you’ve used Citibank’s mobile rewards program app, anywhere in the Asia Pacific region ­you’ve touched code written by us!)

Our Key Skills

Current stack: JS (web frontend), Python (web backend), C# (native apps), and Java (our Android and kiosk apps). Postgresql and Ubuntu for our servers.Future stack: JS (web frontend), Go (web backend), C# (native apps), Java (Android + kiosk apps).Note: We're looking for software generalists, and are not particularly attached to any one programming language. If you think a better language/approach is warranted, persuade us ;-).

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Paid rotation to Singapore for every employee
  • 2 Training, code review, mentorship to each engineer
  • 3 Liberty Insurance covers inpatient + outpatient

We are a product company: we own our own products and sell to our own customers. We own the vision, feature set, and direction of our software. If you join us, you get a say on the direction of your work!

Open working environment, with a focus on staff-development:

1. We fully welcome opinions on the implementation of our current products.
2. We believe in constant process improvement. Engineers are free to propose and execute projects that increase engineer productivity/code quality.
3. Our engineers are mentored by an engineering manager. Every month, we set monthly goals for the purpose of employee growth and promotion leveling.

Paid rotations to Singapore – meaning we fly you to Singapore and let you work with our business clients directly.

Full medical insurance: inpatient and outpatient coverage from Liberty Insurance Ltd, in addition to the mandatory government public insurance.

Aeropressed coffee, board games, and snacks are always available.


343 Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1, Ho Chi Minh
343 Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

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