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Overview about DISION Tech LLC

DISION Tech LLC is a subsidiary of the DISION Group with headquarter in Germany.

DISION offers a number of unique products and services for advanced communication and computing services.
Our team of experts has a solid background in software technologies, advanced data communication and security solutions.
From our consulting services to the development, complete integration and operational services, our cutting-edge products and solutions guarantee the reliability, integrity, and availability for business requirements.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Up to 15th-month salary/bonus
  • 2 14+ days of annual leave
  • 3 Many team-building activities

- Salary: Negotiable according to ability.
- Annual leave 14+ days per year.
- To participate in the regimes of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to the government when signing official labor contracts.
- Up to 15th month salary/ bonus
- Company with many opportunities for career advancement and development.
- Working 5 days (9:00am -6:00pm) per week from Monday to Friday, off Saturday and Sunday.


Ho Chi Minh
Số 9, Đường 22, Phường Bình An, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Thu Duc City
Ho Chi Minh

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