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Cốc Cốc - 1st local browser & search engine in Vietnam

Cốc Cốc - one of the biggest search engines & browsers in Vietnam, developed & used by Vietnamese. We DON'T have luxurious office or fancy workplace, but we DO have self- developing space for every single Cốc Cốc-ers.

To be more specific, you will have flexible working time & up to 19 paid leaves per year (increasing based on seniority). You will have up to 24 million VND/year from company for health & medical care & unlimited snack, hobby clubs. Most importantly, you will have chance to join many courses: CocCocUni, Photoshop, Video Editor, Linux, C++,...

With talented & multi-national teams, Cốc Cốc is apparently ideal environment for you to learn & share more.

Our Key Point

Technologies that we use:- trac system, - Mysql workbench, - Studio3T for Mongo, - Libre office/Microsoft OFfice, - Shell- etc.


Software Engineer (Algorithms, C+, Java)

Ha Noi

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Be trained by skilled foreign specialists
  • 2 Up to 19 paid leaves
  • 3 Flexible working hours, great Trade Union benefits

Restrictive or Compulsory is definitely not Cốc Cốc's environment, we always want to harness your pro-activity & creativity to maximize each individual's capabilities.
- Flexible working hours;
- Open minds for any constructive comments & ideas (CEO & managers are ready to have lunch with you & listen to your thoughts);
- Plentiful of partnership with familiar brands to provide you with great deals or good services; (50% discount learning English in GLN, 20% discount purchasing in CellphoneS, 30% discount using services in Thu Cuc hospital,...)
- Interesting internal events to make you feel like home when working in Cốc Cốc;
- Valuable experience & knowledge exchanged with other talented colleagues.

Attractive benefits:
- Competitive salary range
- up to 19 paid leaves (increased based on seniority)
- 24 million VND/year for health & medical care
- 5 million VND for wedding, 1 million VND for birthday,...
- Unlimited snack

With us you'll have unique opportunity to:
- Create The Best Search Engine for searching in Vietnamese language;
- Contribute to the development of Vietnamese Internet and its community;
- Make the new technological breakthrough in Vietnam happen.

Our collective is young, creative and talented, our working evironment is full of energetic, free and merry peeps. Our benefits are one of top in the industry. You'll improve yourself not only in professional career, but also in people's networking.


185 Giảng Võ, Dong Da, Ha Noi
185 Giảng Võ

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