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Company type
IT Product
Company size
301-500 employees
United States
Working days
Monday - Friday
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Company overview

Our key skills

Why you'll love working here

  • On-board training&training for skills improvement
  • Automic rewards achievement of team and individual
  • Its international workplace
Automic working space, slightly mess with leading-edge equipment

Our People

Chief REP & Sr.Mng Engineering - Bui Minh Cuong

What’s the #1 reason you chose Automic Software GmbH in Hanoi?

Working at Automic is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am surrounded by a diverse team – all very intelligent and friendly people. Automic allows me the opportunity to be part of such a great team to build up the world’s most powerful automation platform and revolutionizing the way business is done and makes everything more seamless.

What's one favorite thing about your job?

At Automic there're no limitations for growth & I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge & develop new skills. It is this diversity that makes working at Automic really enjoyable & it has allowed me to become better in my role & learn from other people.
Automic is a great place to grow professionally and emotionally.


Ha Noi

324 Tay Son , Dong Da, Ha Noi
Currently, Automic Software GmbH in Hanoi is not hiring for any positions.
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