Overview about Aromajoin

The leading company in digital scent technology

Aromajoin Corporation, was founded in 2012 at Kyoto, Japan. As the leading company in scent controllable technology, our main goal is to digitalize aromas, create a new communication channel besides words, images and audios.

Dr. Dong Wook Kim, CEO, has spent more than 10 years on researching and developing our core technologies which have been registered patents and trademarks in Japan and US.

We have built a product named Aroma Shooter which allows people to control scents in space and time via PCs, mobile devices, IoT devices. Our current customers are companies and universities from Japan, US, Singapore and UK. Not only are we selling products but also provide technologies to help other companies to integrate it into their own devices.

We plan to bring our technologies into all existing digital products. History is not only recorded in words, pictures and sounds but also in scents.

What We Are Doing Here In Aromajoin?

Our main product is Aroma Shooter, a scent device, which can be connected and controlled from PC, smartphone, and even IoT devices. About software, for Web development, we currently use Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript . Besides, we develop Android, iOS and Windows apps. If you want to try new things, please join us to explore and apply new technologies, tools, and frameworks that you love.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Let's go to live and work in Kyoto, Japan
  • 2 We are from (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, France, US)
  • 3 You gain freedom to create your own stack
Home Entertainment Innovation Award @ CEATEC 2016 Tokyo
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's [Rise Up Festa] Award 2017
We work closely
and celebrate together
Our cute friend - Aroma Shooter Mini

  • We always look for new things, try it out, and create innovative products without limitation.
  • Aromajoin is a startup backed by NICT, Japan and has been creating a lot of innovative patented technologies.
  • We have a crystal clear mission and we know where we are heading, you would love this adventure once you can see ours.
  • We are a team rather than simply an organization. We keep close relationships, nurture a culture where individuals can reach to exceed their limits.
  • We are a small team which gains freedom to make decision and move fast.


ACT Kyoto 405, 105 Jibu-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8374 Japan

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