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Driving digital transformation

Since 1997, Viosoft® has been providing developers with innovative means to deliver great products that include IDE and debug tools for deeply embedded micro-controller, embedded Linux, and Android; reference designs tailored for multimedia consumer devices, high-performance servers, and cloud-based computing; professional development and customization services.

R&D Domains

We have 4 R&D domains:

  • Embedded development tools: C/C++/Java, Eclipse IDE, Linux, Toolchains, MIPS/RISC-V/ARM, FPGA
  • 5G test-beds and tools: C/C++, 3GPP standards for LTE/5G, RISC-V
  • Cloud & Networking tools: Python, Golang Amazon WS, OpenStack, Cloudify, NFV/VNFs, Intel Yardsticks NSB, Docker/Composer, Kubernetes.
  • Blockchain applications: NodeJS, Golang, MongoDB, VueJS, Typescript, Ethereum

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Competitive salaries and bonus, 13-14 month salary
  • 2 Ample space for Individual growth
  • 3 No OT. Flexible, effective and balance work

  • As a Silicon Valley based R&D Company, we encourage for a flexible, creative and open environment. Tired overtime working is not encouraged. Highly consideration and respect for Individual. 5 working days a week and flexible time.
  • Very good environment to learn cutting edge technologies and have access to top tier equipment, such as packet generator, development boards etc.
  • Highly competitive salaries and bonuses. Salary could be increased any time based on performance determination from the GD.
  • Snacks and drinks you can handle in our fully stocked kitchen. Plus the free BBQ, Pizza lunch etc. with team on weekly Friday.
  • Summer vacation. Gift for member’s new baby born, Christmas event, Mid-Autumn event.
  • Office re-creation equipped with Foosball table, Gym room, Book library
  • Weekly football match, sponsored by the company.
  • Happy hours with beer and grub.
  • Company events, celebrations and rewards.
  • Get company share as per your contribution


Hoang Quoc Viet, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi
Hoang Quoc Viet

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