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Lifesup is software company specializing in software development & different industry best practices

Lifesup Ltd is a software company specializing in software development and different industry best practices. We master in developing and commercializing diverse technologies and products across a broad range of market sectors. Our missions are fulfilling the software requirements of clients and creating value-added to the end-customers. Besides, we do develop our own products/services in different areas in life. Our competences range from electronics design over embedded software up to industrial software and business solutions e.g. powers operations to complete system integrations and business intelligence systems.

Our people matters are important for us, thus when working at Lifesup, you can enjoy a flexible, creative and trust working environment!

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Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Evaluate periodically 2 times / year, salary accor
  • 2 Friendly and youthful working environment
  • 3 Flexible working hours
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The key words describing our organizational culture are: succeeding together, agile decision making, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, daily learning by doing and low bureaucracy. We take the work seriously but always with a twinkle of humor. We work in agile teams and are surrounded by highly skilled colleagues. 
As professional you set your goals high in terms of software quality and efficiency. You value good design and coding practices without not forgetting the importance of software testing. As junior you will be offered an extensive mentoring to become a true master in your field of expertise.


2nd Floor, HLT Building 23, Alley 37/2 Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
Cau Giay
Ha Noi

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