ITEAL tuyển dụng việc làm IT

We build AMAZING apps that you can be proud of

Iteal transforms the way you work, the way you think about engineering, about products, about UX/UI, about your job, about your own value. We can make you loving your job, being truly passionate by it. 

It’s not only about working on IT project and doing technological cool things, it’s about having a vision of the world and how to change it.

We build AMAZING apps, in the most creative way. We create technology with a purpose: to make life better for everyone, everywhere. You will never have better opportunity to improve your skills. 

When join us, you can expect to double your value in just one year.

Microservices, Aws, Firebase

We use the most powerful and advanced technology to ensure that our expected 100 millions of users can use our real time app as fast as if it was used by only 1 user. In our organization you will learn how to build highly fast and sclalable platform. You will be trained to use these NEW TECHNOLOGIES that change the way apps are built: NodeJs, Cassandra, GraphDB(Neo4j, DSE Graph), MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Datastax. You will really see and understand what quality means, what USER EXPERIENCE means.


React Native genius (Mobile apps)

Ha Noi
  • Be member of a genius team
  • Exciting and demanding project
  • Hight financial compensation

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 1 Best opportunities to improve your skills
  • 2 Double your value in just one year
  • 3 25% salary bonus and 13th salary


  • We build quality and truly useful product that help people
  • On design we imitate what people naturally do
  • Our collaborators are encouraged to have a large and deep vision of the entire ecosystem. We accompany them to do that.
  • We prefer freedom and responsibility to coercion
  • We prefer creativity to blind obedience
  • We make our employees more competent and valued every day


StarCity - 23 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
StarCity - 23 Le Van Luong

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