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Upgrade the game world. – you all can make it

A retiree in Japan is entering game codes every weekend, a restaurant staffer in Singapore is creating his own design while a student in Vietnam is designing and developing his or her own games.
This is tomorrow’s world when and where all persons can easily, rapidly and repeatedly create their own games.
Indi games has positioned itself to be a leader in this new world, providing the tools for motivated persons to translate their ideas into successful businesses.
Today, game development is solely done by experts. Professionals have an idea, create the game design, draw illustrations, and write the code. The degree of difficulty of this process depends to a great extent on the game genre, creative style, and development languages.
Indi games provides a game engine which supports everybody through the process of developing a high-quality game with ease and speed.
For all the game innovators out there in the world who have great new ideas for fun games. How about taking your ideas a step forward with us to develop your new and exciting games which the world has eagerly been waiting for?


2nd Floor, ONG ONG Building, 159 Phan Xich Long, Ward 7
Phu Nhuan
Ho Chi Minh

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