Overview about DataHouse Asia

DataHouse Asia is an Asian-American technology consulting firm

DataHouse Asia is an Asian-American technology consulting firm, a member of 'ike family of companies from Hawaii founded in 1975:

+ We help great enterprises and start-ups to consult and develop their software products. (We are NOT an outsourcing software agency!)

+ We are situated in the city center of Danang with a few minutes walking from the local airport and 5 mins cycling to the longest beach in the world.

+ We believe your happy life boosts up productivity. Above having social insurance that fulfills the labor law, we do have a premium healthcare package to get better treatments and better insurance coverage for you. 

Why You'll Love Working Here

Your Future Career

  • Unlimited learning budget with no commitment.
  • Dynamic assignments based on mutual agreement.
  • Book library.
  • Udemy courses.
  • 1-1 English lessons.
  • Onsite opportunities and working in the US.
  • Caring Managers for your career development and happiness at work.

Your Health & Wellbeing

  • Healthcare program.

This program includes Annual health-check at the hospital and treatment coverage budget; plus, flu shot to protect you against common sickness in the winter 😉 Furthermore, this goes with a very simple process that allows you to claim back your money within a working week after you have your check-up.

  • 12 annual days off and 1 family day off quarterly.

On top of 12 annual leaves, you also have 1 day off to spend good quality time with your family every quarter that is called DataHouse Asia Family Holiday <3 Besides, every 1, 3, 5, 7 years working with us, you will gain +1 day off to your balance.

What about your well-being?

  • Wellness workshops every 2 weeks is a where we gather to learn and discuss fascinating topics related to work, culture, interpersonal skills and etc.
  • Wellness talks if you are looking for a good listener whom you can confide in. Yes, we have a Wellness Coach here.
  • Monthly sporty activities for men and ladies. We love football and outdoors team bonding, how about you?

Your Job Security

We understand people need job security and we dare to fulfill that by granting permanent contracts to our talents as this proves a long-term commitment from us to the people. Not to mention, you will receive 100% of your gross salary during 2-month probation.

Rewards and recognition are also keys to motivate a member.

  • Appraisal meetings are conducted 2 times per year to provide constructive feedback and follow up with your career goals. This is also a time to align salary with those who earn a raise for good performance at work.
  • Outstanding performance bonus for great ownership behaviors.

In addition, we hope your “pocket” will also happy with:

  • Monthly lunch and gasoline allowances.
  • 13th salary.
  • Profit-sharing.

We would love to celebrate special moments: Members’ Birthday, Work anniversary and other holidays. They create laughers and help to release stress during work hours, they also remind us to get small wins celebrated on the way to the big achievements. 

And like any other strong teams, we are down to celebrate these following occasions:

  • Project celebration, toasting small wins and our team effort.
  • Outing trips 2 times/year for outdoor and nature lovers.
  • Annual company trip, enhancing team building and engagement among our members.
  • Year-end party and Tet gifts.

Other Perks of Yours

  • We are not rich, yet our fridge and kitchen shelves are always full of fruits, snacks, coffee and tea, which you feel free to take at anytime.
  • Tea-break, is our company break where you are not supposed to be working but chilling and recharging your energy instead.
  • A gift for your newborn.
  • You know someone who would be a great teammate in our team? Why not invite your friends to work with us? We’d love to appreciate you by either a staycation or tech gifts 😉


AAC Building, 7th floor, Lot.78-80, 30/4 Street
Hai Chau
Da Nang

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