BUUJAA tuyển dụng việc làm IT


BUUJAA is a company with great potential and development opportunities, with investment from Korea, BUUJAA constantly has new product projects and receives outsource projects also. BUUJAA always welcomes good and diligent, lovely Developers. Let BUUJAA be your second home.


Junior PHP Laravel Developer ~ 1.500$

Ho Chi Minh

Why You'll Love Working Here


  • FRIENDLY colleagues and Nice boss (very sure)
  • Opportunity to develop yourself, (working with fast speed and under stress, but do not worry, kkk, you can do it) Fighting!
  • Experienced Dev have a chance to become a manager or even shareholder and Fresher have a chance to learn new tech and be a good dev
  • Providing laptop, you can bring to home, but need to bring up to company on next-day
  • Review Salary sooo easy (especially for staff who hard-working and good attitude)
  • Base on elevator, you will not lazy to go-up and down, but don't use it if you want lose weight
  • Level understand "eng-korean" from boss (so interesting)
  • Cleaning and nice office, company have coffee shop in Ground-floor/ working like traveling, (n_n)
  • FREE coffee and noodle and "tra sua" from boss
  • Traveling, boss promise that but don't know when. huhu. because just start-up 6 months, maybe 1 year later.
  • I want to tell you more, but if so long, nobody have time to read all (T_T) Thank for viewing BUUJAA, hope to work with you in the future, click in this link to view our BUUJAA http://buujaa-factory.com/         

         MANY THANKS 



14, đường B4, Saritown, Sala, Phường An Lợi Đông, District 2, Ho Chi Minh
14, đường B4, Saritown, Sala, Phường An Lợi Đông

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