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Blacksheep Power The concept of the Blacksheep is embedded in western thinking. Most sheep are white and follow one another. A black sheep is rare and frustratingly the Blacksheep also does not follow the herd. The term in English has a double meaning. Firstly the expression “blacksheep of the family” means the bad person in the family that somehow stands apart and does not follow convention. However it is also a term that generally means a person that does not follow convention. So most of the time, most people are white sheep. This is necessary for human society to function. However sometimes things need to change, and Blacksheep are needed to show others that it is time for change. A Blacksheep is usually initially rejected as wrong. However in human history almost all change has originally been catalysed by a Blacksheep who has turned out to be correct. The Power of the Blacksheep is the Power to change for better. 


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