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Why You'll Love Working Here

What's it like work at iRuuza !

Our mission

Build the Next Era of Software Development 

There are so many problems and difficulty in software development. I know you faced a lots of problem when you create software. Like hard to learn, delay for release, incident with fatal bug. But every company and every person need software. It's obvious. So, currently, in this world, too many demand and less supply. If we can find the better way to create software, If we can change the way of software development, If we can establish brand new software development, things will change and we can build the next era of software development. 

Let's Build the Next Era of Software Development with us. And let's create move values of software for everyone. 

Our Value 


Find the break through point. Find Leverage point. Find where we can hack so that we can get great output. Don't be tied up with old idea. Our mission is Build the Next Era of [EN] Frontend JD 2 Software Development and to archive this, we need to find the point of hack. Then we can change this software development which is so difficult and having too many problem. Without hack, we'll be just normal or just good company. To be great company, let's find where we can hack, and let's execute it!! 

Don't think your current work is the best. 

The key is get biggest achievement with smallest effort

Work condition 

  • You can work from everywhere, and anywhere. But at least you need to attend video call without delay, and work from stable internet place. 
  • We'll provide some benefits if you'll work as full-time regular employee. tax (maximum 10% of salary) and insurance. 
  • 20 days Annual leaves per year. 

We are so flexible but flexibility requires much responsibility. So don't think we are so free and easy, but we will ask output seriously.


Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh
Ha Noi
Cau Giay
Ha Noi
Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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