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Overview about Cudy Pte. Ltd.

Cudy provides an online marketplace and platform specifically designed for educators and learners.

Educators can access and attract a larger number of students directly using the online marketplace, and learners are provided with a greater selection of lessons.

Through our marketplace, educators can list their classes with details such as the subject, level, pricing, and class size.

Learners will then be able to search for the lessons that meet their requirements and preferences.

We provide a real-time interactive virtual classrooms built for learning using the latest web technologies on our platform to allow both the learner and the educator to conduct or attend the lesson remotely.

This eliminates the hassle of travelling for both parties, saving on dead time and transportation costs.

Live-stream lessons also retains the interactivity as users can communicate verbally and non-verbally through live videos, voice chat or messages during lessons.


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