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Founded on June 4, 2014, with the passion and desire for technology development in Vietnam, NITCO quickly affirmed its leading position in providing technology solutions for businesses with solutions. overall for business is ABIT software. As of January 1, 2020, ABIT has more than 81,000 customers choosing to use the product. ABIT brings solutions to multi-channel sales from online offline. 

- With ABITSTORE Multi-channel sales management software for online sellers on Website - Facebook - Zalo - E-commerce shop. 

- ABITPOS Store management software: Order management, inventory import and export, integrated sales equipment (barcode scanners, barcode printers, stamps. 

- ABITGROP The Facebook Group management software offers an easy way to manage thousands of Fabebook groups. Always trying and striving with the goal of bringing customer satisfaction with leading solutions ABIT is always a pioneer in researching and developing new technology solutions that contribute to bring Vietnam to the level of public powers. turmeric.

Our Key Skills


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PHP Lead (AngularJS, JQuery)

Ho Chi Minh

Frontend Web Dev (JQuery, CSS, ReactJS)

Ho Chi Minh

PHP Developer (WordPress, jQuery)

Ho Chi Minh

Web Developers (HTML5, PHP, CSS)


3 Junior PHP Developer (CSS, JavaScript)

Ho Chi Minh

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