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A special training for ITviec’s valued IT employers, recruiters, and managers are being successfully held on May 24 and 31, in collaboration with Dale Carnegie. This series of workshops is not only an excellent opportunity to learn how to adapt to changes, but it is also a rare chance for us to rejoin in person after the year 2021, when most of the face-to-face meeting occasions were postponed due to significant pandemic hits.

The main sections of the workshop are:

  • Recognizing types of changes in the organizations
  • Identifying the challenges that come with the changes
  • Framework for personal and team direction and leadership, during the time of change

Mr. Le Tan Thao, a well-known Executive Trainer in Dale Carnegie, has designed and facilitated the workshop. Along with his engaging and uplifting training style, he included numerous interesting case studies, activities, and best practices that left a powerful “wow” and “self-actualization” effect on the groups of participants.  After each section, the participants always have quick takeaways to refresh their perspectives and interaction strategies with themselves, their peers, and colleagues. This, in turn, creates a positive shifting momentum for the organization they are in.

This event journaling article may be read in 10 minutes, and you will be able to capture the best moments and anecdotes from the workshop attendees, while also saving some keywords for your future development to changes.

We extend a warm welcome to our valued visitors in HCMC and Hanoi

Many of them arrived early, took in the vibe…

… and greeted one another

Mr. Naoto Iijima, CEO of ITviec, gave an enthusiastic opening speech

“Greetings, our valued employers, my name is Naoto, CEO of ITviec…”

Mr. Le Tan Thao, the much-appreciated trainer, arrived with great charisma to kick off the workshop

Attendees showed a high level of concentration and a willingness to contribute

Some of them had valuable stand-up sharings based on their real-world organizational experiences

A hotter vibe developed when everyone had to get out and engage in highly involved activities

An ebullient discussion vibe…

Tea-break is essential for a long and productive workshop in order to get back on the energy

The rest of the workshop led to many uplifting moments and impressions on the audience

There was nothing better than having everyone come together and collect their certificates of completion

We have compiled some takeaways from our beloved IT recruiters and managers

“Even though it was just a brief training, all the attendees here and I have learned lessons for ourselves that we may apply not only at business but also in our personal lives.” Some Dac Nhan Tam lessons, regarding how individuals should interact with each other in the organization (especially when change occurs), and associated pitfalls (such as motivational traps, resistant traps, …) are things I enjoy and will absolutely share with the team,” said Ms. Duy, a Techcombank representative.

“Thank you anh Thao, and ITviec for an extremely useful and practical workshop. Through today’s lesson, my team and I will look at the company from a different perspective, from there to do well and do better. I learnt how to tackle the problem from seemingly unconnected but extremely relevant elements, and I also learned a lot about Thao’s inspirational abilities.” — Ms. Quyen, a Tyme representative, shared.

“The sharing session is like a stream of encouragement, fostering the spirit of meaningful work and mastering our thoughts ahead of any changes that may influence us. As a member of the ACB’s young team, I will try to spread this positive spirit to my organization.” – Feedback from Mai – representative of ACB.

And here are some more highlights from the workshop’s final sharing dashboard

“Through the workshop on the topic “Building a team adaptive to change” by Mr. Thao from Dale Carnegie School, Nhat HR from Parcel Perform learned a lot of helpful ideas that can be utilized not only in recruitment and organization building, but also in personal life.” Thank you for today’s workshop, ITViec and Mr. Thao.”

“Many thanks to Mr. Thao, ITviec, and everyone for a meaningful and extremely beneficial afternoon when I got to meet everyone and received a lot of good energy to start improving myself and building my organization.”

“Thank you, Mr. Thao, for igniting the fire and bringing deeply refreshing perspectives and images. Through the lessons,I hope to learn how to create a cooperative environment (open, happy, friendly); empathize and give the colleagues/employees the opportunity to speak and express ideas without rejecting them; always happy, building a friendly professional attitude not only in the office environment but also at home. Thank you ITViec for today’s workshop!”

“Thank you very much ITviec, for organizing a valuable and enjoyable training. I was motivated by Thao’s sharing session, and I’m looking forward to adapting more quickly after the class.”

“An excellent topic that is so relevant to today’s fast evolving IT sector. Thank you for organizing today’s workshop, ITviec and Mr. Thao.”

“After two years, this is the first time I attended a live training workshop. The workshop inspired me to learn more about VUCA and help others do the same.”