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ITviec is excited to announce the launch of our IT salary report: “Salary & Job Expectation of IT Professionals in Vietnam 2023-2024: Data-driven for better decision making”.

The report analyzed the response of 2,207 qualified IT professionals, which is a 76% increase compared to last year’s report. These professionals are working in 25 IT positions, an 8 positions increase from last year’s report.

The IT salary report 2023-2024 provides more extensive data analysis and valuable insights for both IT employers and IT professionals, helping them to understand the current state of the tech workforce in the IT market, and make more informed strategies/decisions about compensation and career planning.

Please access here to get the full report.

The IT Salary Report 2023-2024, based on the comprehensive IT Salary Survey conducted between September 19 and October 10, 2023, reveals a lot more insights into the current state of IT recruiting market. This report goes beyond just salary figures, offering a deeper understanding of how salaries vary across diverse factors like company size, country of origin, company type, industry, and location.

Beyond compensation, the report dives deep into the demographics of IT professionals, exploring factors like marital status, children, monthly spending, and learning budgets. This data empowers employers to tailor policies that better reflect the realities and needs of their IT workforce.

For IT professionals seeking career advancement, the report sheds light on their job search and career development journey, unveiling the average number of applications they submit, their ideal company characteristics, and the key motivators driving their career choices. The report also provides insights into how layoff caused by company size reduction or restructuring strategy differs across various dimensions, including city, company size and type, country of origin, and experience level. 

In general, the report provides invaluable information for both IT professionals navigating their careers and IT employers looking to attract and retain top talent in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Some shortened key takeaways in the report:

  • Solution Architects command the highest salaries of the 25 IT positions analyzed.
  • IT professionals working for Australian and New Zealand companies enjoy the industry’s highest average salaries.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Banking, and Financial Services offer IT professionals the top three highest average monthly salaries.
  • Restructuring and layoffs led to 15% of IT professionals resigning from their jobs.
  • Health-related issues rank 4th and 5th respectively among the most challenging aspects of IT jobs.
  • This year’s report reveals a higher expected salary increase in new job offers compared to last year.
  • IT professionals value data-driven insights when evaluating employer brand reputation.
  • To advance their careers, Vietnamese IT professionals prioritize improving their communication skills.
  • Generative AI: Widespread assistance in IT work with growing popularity

And other detailed findings with extensive tables and charts are included in the report.

To share about IT Salary Report 2023-2024, Mr. Naoto Iijima, CEO of ITviec, affirms the following:

“The IT job market can learn a lot from what IT professionals responded about salaries and job expectations, new technologies, career goals, and other important demographic factors. Business leaders can utilize these findings to make better hiring strategies and make companies a better place to be. We hope that the use of more in-depth cut and diced data in this year’s report will boost confidence in our valued IT professionals and IT employers, enabling everyone to make better strategies that will lead to more effective long-term employment matches.”​

To download the Salary & Job Expectation of IT Professionals in Vietnam 2023-2024 report and gain deeper insights into the current Vietnam IT market, visit here.


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