Marketing Lead Phuong Bui

Phuong is a passionate marketer. She believes in the positive impacts marketing can make on people's lives, and makes sure she follows this belief in everyday marketing practice at ITviec. What Phuong loves most about ITviec is the people she gets to work with every day. The job has its ups and downs, but the constant support from her team gives her energy to start work fresh every day. Phuong grew up in Hanoi and went to Minnesota, U.S., for undergraduate school. Right now, she’s falling in love gradually with her life here in Sai Gon. In her free time, she likes playing ukulele, running and swimming. Her goal is to run a marathon before turning 25. Her favorite quote is from Mark Twain: "Sing like no one is listening Dance like no one is watching Love like you’ve never been hurt Live like it’s heaven on earth." Read Phuong's story