FAQ – CV Review

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Why does ITviec review CVs?

ITviec reviews all CVs because we have high standards. We send only experienced, skilled IT candidates to our customers.

Approved candidates on ITviec get more attention because employers know we send great candidates. It’s why approved candidates can find a new job on ITviec faster than on other sites.

Quality, experienced IT candidates belong on ITviec!

What happens when I apply to a job on ITviec?

If this is your first time applying, your CV and all applications will enter our review queue. Your CV will be reviewed within 12 hours on weekdays, often much faster.

What are the criteria for approving a CV?

We look for a combination of:

  • IT degree
  • A well-formatted and professional CV
  • No spelling or other errors

What are the most common reasons for not approving a CV?

Most common reasons for not approving a CV are:

  • No IT degree
  • A poorly formatted, unprofessional CV
  • Many spelling mistakes or other errors

How long does it take for ITviec to review my CV?

ITviec reviews CVs within 12 hours on weekdays, often much faster.

How will I know when my CV is approved or not?

ITviec will let you know by email if your CV is approved or not.

What happens if my CV is not approved?

If your CV is not approved none of the CVs you submitted will be sent to employers.

My CV was not approved. Will ITviec review my CV again if I apply again?

ITviec will not review your CVs again until the future date listed in the notification email ITviec sent to you. Any CVs you submit before that date will not be delivered to employers.

ITviec encourages you to apply again after the future date listed in the notification email. We will review your CV again at that time.

What can I do to make sure my CV is approved next time?

We have these advices for you:

  1. Get more IT experience
    If you are a fresher, get an internship or even do a meaningful personal project. If you are an experienced professional but do not have have IT working experience, get some.                                                                                                                                                                        .
  2. Improve your CV
    View our blog posts on writing a great CV. Download one of our CV templates or find one on Google (there are hundreds of good ones for free). Try to be unique — you don’t want your CV to look like thousands of others.
    Make sure that your CV:

    • Has a clear and readable format
    • Has no spelling errors
    • Clearly describes your experience and achievements
    • Has a professional, high-resolution photo
  3. Write a short cover letter
    Cover letters show the employer that you care about their job. Write a short cover letter summarizing your experience. Read our blog post on writing cover letter. A good cover letter sometimes can make the difference between approval and non-approval.

My CV was approved. Why should I always apply on ITviec first?

ITviec is the best job site for experienced IT professionals because employers know we send only the best.

Benefits for approved candidates like you include:

  • Your CV is not mixed in and lost among unsuitable CVs
  • Your CV will receive more attention from employers when it comes from ITviec

ITviec is the only job website that delivers these benefits. You will get a better job, faster if you always apply on ITviec first.

Join ITviec. Join the best!

Can employers on ITviec view my CV without my permission?

No. At ITviec we believe that you should control your information. We send your CV to an employer only when you apply for a job with that employer and your application is approved.

How is ITviec different from other job sites?

We’re glad you asked!

ITviec is the first and only site that is focused exclusively on quality IT jobs and candidates. We are also the only job site that screens CVs for suitability for the great jobs on our site.

Top employers know that an approved CV on ITviec is a high-quality CV that deserves their attention.