ITviec announces “2019 Best IT Company”

Đọc bản tiếng Việt tại đây., Vietnam’s #1 IT recruiting site, has announced the 15 winners of its first “Best IT Companies Awards.”

These awards are based on anonymous employee feedback from over 8,000 company reviews using ITviec’s Company Review feature.

“Vietnam’s IT industry is booming, making the IT labor market hotter and more competitive than ever,” said’s CEO, Chris Harvey.

“To attract IT talent, companies have to offer not just attractive salaries but also interesting work and a great environment.”

“We’re proud to recognize the winners of ITviec’s “2019 Best IT Companies” because they are great places to work. They have invested in a great company culture, working environment and career growth opportunities. It gives them big advantages in the war for IT talent.”

Three of The 2019 Best IT Company Award winners are:

1. NFQ Asia (8bit Rockstars)

Working environment in NFQ

NFQ Asia is part of the global NFQ Group, building high-performance teams in Europe and Asia. Since 1999, NFQ has implemented numerous startup projects and used this expertise to enable and collaborate with their clients worldwide.

“The office is beautiful and the work is challenging and fulfilling. Great place to work in and very good work provided.”


BOCASAY’ staff in their office

BOCASAY Vietnam is a BOCASAY Group company, deliver and implement IT solutions for software publisher and integrator in Fintech, Medical, Insurance, Media and Startup business line. Operating in 3 countries with 120 employees globally (France, Vietnam, Madagascar), BOCASAY Group is now holding strong positions in developing Agile IT solutions.

“Only one word: Nice! Good enviroment, good salary, good benifit, flexible time, nice colleague and nice boss! No OT ever.”

3. East Agile

East Agile’ staff in their working time

East Agile Vietnam a leader in a wide range of technologies, platforms and languages. East Agile Vietnam is part of the global East Agile enterprise that began in 1997 in the USA and spans Hong Kong, Vietnam, and California.

“Knowledge background of developers, from Juniors to Seniors, are better than others in the industry. There’re many Senior Developers who are willing to help newcomers. Pair-programming helps them to get the knowledge and process faster.”

Demand for IT workers is growing fast. 53.6% of IT employers report plans to grow their teams by 10-30% in 2019.

But demand for IT talent is growing faster than supply. Research has shown that Vietnam needs more than 1 million of IT talents in 2020.

Due to high demand, IT workers have many choices of where to work. Previous survey data of ITviec shows that 74% of candidates research companies before applying or accepting a job. ITviec’s Company Reviews grew 43% in 2018 as IT jobseekers increasingly check companies before applying.’s analysis shows that Best IT Companies share these features:

  • Good pay (but attractive salaries is not enough)
  • Interesting work
  • Attractive location
  • Great office
  • Good company culture — fun, activities
  • Parking

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