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  1. What is the “Vietnam Best IT Companies” award?
    ITviec’s “Vietnam Best IT Companies” (VBIT) award recognizes the top IT companies in Vietnam rated by employees as the best places to work. The award is based 100% on employee feedback submitted through ITviec Company Reviews.

  2. Why did ITviec create VBIT?
    We created VBIT to recognize and celebrate IT companies where people love to work. We encourage all IT companies to ameliorate their culture, compensation and working environment, thereby improving IT employees’ happiness index.

  3. How does ITviec determine the Best IT Companies?
    ITviec uses aggregated data from “Company Reviews” page submitted by employees to determine the VBIT winners.
    Winners are eligible companies with top scores and detailed reviews that paint a clear picture of what it’s like to work at the company.

  4. What are the criteria to be eligible for Best IT Companies?
    The only criterion for eligibility is that companies have reviews on ITviec. Our proprietary algorithm analyzes overall review ratings, category ratings and content quality to measure employee satisfaction.
    It also takes into account various qualitative and quantitative criteria submitted by employees.
  5. How can I get my company listed as a VBIT winner?
    Great question!
    If your company has reviews on ITviec your company will be considered automatically for VBIT.
    Send your employees to our company review page so they can show their passion for working at your company.

  6. Employees at my company submitted a lot of reviews, but many were rejected. Why?
    Some companies have created fake accounts to submit fake spam reviews and improve their score.
    We have an automatic anti-spam algorithm that rejects reviews it determines are likely to be spam.

  7. My company has a high review rating. Why doesn’t my company appear in Vietnam Best IT Companies?
    The Vietnam Best IT Companies list is based on overall ratings, category ratings and quality of ratings.
    If a company has a high overall rating but 1-2 below-average category ratings, the company is unlikely to win VBIT.
    Similarly, if most reviews of a company have little detail other than “I love this company, this company is great!” the company is unlikely to win VBIT.
    We’ve found that employees who really love a working environment tend to write lots of very specific details about why they love it.

  8. My company is famous in the IT market, we are also ITviec’s loyal customer that we paid a lot for job posting on website ITviec.com annum. Why aren’t we listed on VBIT?
    The integrity and fairness of VBIT are very important to us.
    VBIT is based on employee feedback only.
    Also, we appreciate your business.

  9. VBIT 2023 list is shortlisted and ranked into 2 groups: Large Enterprises and Small & Medium Enterprises. Does the company size affect the ranking on the list of “Vietnam Best IT Companies”?
    We classify 10,000+ companies into 2 groups based on their sizes: (1) Large Enterprises – companies with more than 300 employees, (2) Small & Medium Enterprises – companies with 300 employees and below. 
    After that, we apply the method described in Q7. Therefore, the company size does not affect the ranking on the list of “Vietnam Best IT Companies”.

  10. Why rating and %recommendation on the list of “Vietnam Best IT Companies” are different from rating and %recommendation in the employers page?
    Data used by ITviec for listing only upto Dec 31st of previous year. By the time you’re reading this FAQ, other users came to review which create the difference between the VBIT list and employer pages.

  11. How do I know that reviews on ITviec are real?
    Real reviews from real employees are important to us.
    All of our reviews are screened by our proprietary algorithm as well as by humans before being posted on our site.
    If our awards team suspects companies are tampering with an unbiased review process the company may be excluded from Best IT Companies eligibility.

  12. Where can I learn more about Company Reviews on ITviec?
    You can learn more at our Company Review Guidelines & Conditions.