IT Salary Report 2023-2024

The IT Salary Report analyzed data from 2,207 IT professionals working in Vietnam across a variety of IT positions, programming languages, and years of experience. The report gives detailed findings on salaries, demographics, job expectations, job search characteristics and career orientation of IT professionals in the Vietnam’s IT market 2023–2024.

Main Updates

The following are the most notable updates that were initially disclosed in this year’s report, following the completion of the IT Salary Survey 2023, which ran online from September 19, 2023 to October 10, 2023, with qualified respondents taking an average of 15 to 20 minutes to complete the responses.

Add more factors to the differences in salary

To show how salaries vary in the IT market from a wider range of viewpoints, more tables and charts were added that show average salaries by company size, country of origin, company type, industry, and location comparisons.

Provide further detailed demographic insights

More demographic data on IT professionals can improve policy personalization. Marital status, children, monthly spending, monthly learning budget, etc. are included in this year's report.

Closer look in the journey to the next best jobs

Have you wondered what information IT professionals most search during their application process, how many applications they make, what a good employer/recruitment brand is, or why they apply? Findings can help.

Understand the layoff landscape for IT professionals

Gain insights into how layoff caused by company size reduction or restructuring strategy differs across various dimensions, including city, company size and type, country of origin, and experience level. This extensive review enables informed career decisions and more efficient recruiting approaches.


The top 3 IT positions in terms of median salary in the 2023-2024 IT Salary Report remain the same as last year’s study.

Solution Architects with median 2.5 years of experience continue to earn the greatest median salary, at 63 million VND per month.

Tech Leads rank second, with a median monthly salary of 50 million and a median experience of 3 years. The third position, which are Project Leaders/Project Managers, receive a median salary of 48 million VND per month. This salary is equally impressive for individuals with median 5 years of experience.

Among the new IT positions added in this year’s report, the most notable ones are Data Engineers, who earn a median monthly salary of 30 million dong with 2 years of experience, and DevOps Engineer/DevSecOps Engineers, who earn 40.5 million dong per month for the same level of experience. Cloud Engineers are also included in the top list, earning a median salary of 45 million dong per month for individuals with median 4 years of experience.

Download the detailed report to update the latest median salary by 25 IT positions, programming languages with corresponding years of experience.

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The 2023-2024 IT salary report can be an effective source of information about:
  • IT salary based on locations, programming languages, years of experience, and company factors (size, industry, type, etc.)
  • Overview and detailed profiles of IT professionals in Vietnam
  • Shifts in salary expectations, career opportunities, and job search journey of IT professionals
  • Learning and career development orientations for the IT professionals in 2024
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