Mô Tả Công Việc

- Develop, manage and enhance the IT Governance framework, road map & governing processes
- Manage the IT policies and procedures, framework and make sure that they are in compliance with external/internal requirements
- Work closely with the other departments to ensure that they comply with the IT policies, procedures and standards
- Manage day-to-day activities, including policies, procedures, training and communication regarding the Information Governance Program
- Responsible for working, as a coordinator, with independent auditors, internal audit and other inspection agencies. Manage and follow up with the external/internal auditors and other inspection agencies on any internal or external audit observations raised
- Manage the creation of the IT related Management Reports.
- Responsible for the first line of defence in reviewing the compliance and risk of IT division activities:
+ Work as a contact point with Risk Management Department to collect, report and clarify incidents and risk events, manage and report KRI
+ Maintain an inventory of IT known risk and risk attributes and of related resources, capabilities and current control activities.
+ Collaborate with other units to implement the risk management framework

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

1. Technical
- Education/Training: University graduate or higher (Master degree preferred) specialized in Information Technology, Business Administration, Quality Management, Technology management (engineer or bachelor).
- Develop processes, quality management, process compliance. Candidates with good understanding of IT framework are preferred
- Good writing skills, good planning skills
- Good understanding of the standards and frameworks related to IT governance
- Ability to work independently and work in group professionally
- Being adapted, proactive, highly responsible at work.
- At least 2 years experience related to technology, IT Audit, IT risk management Consultation.
- Good understanding of IT Governance, IT Audit, IT Risk Management concepts.
- Candidates with hands-on experience in implementing IT Audit, IT Risk Managements, IT Consultation are preferred
- Candidates with good understanding of the IT system standards (COBIT, ITIL, ISO 27001, PCI DSS ...) and IT industry standard requirements are preferred
- Understanding of law and regulations regards to financial institutions : basic level."
- Technical knowledge in different domains of IT
2. Skills
- Work effectively under minimum supervision
- Work independently and teamwork professionally.
- Good at broad view as well as the details.
- Positive work attitude, goal oriented
- High Integrity
- Self study and analysis, good judgment
- Communication, speaking and writing skills
- Conflict resolution skills
- Good skills in writing a report/excellent presentation
- Ability to explain technical jargon in simplified term
- Ability to track and manage numerous parallel activities
- English (reading / writing): excellent, (listening / speaking): fluent

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