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Ho Chi Minh , District 1, Nguyen Du
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Mô Tả Công Việc

The main objective of this position is to join the eLIMS-FGS Deployment project team and to participate in the development, the packaging, the Deployment, the post go-live support eLIMS-FGS.

Within the eLIMS-FGS Deployment project team, the candidate is expected to:

• Act as a functional expert
a) to explain how eLIMS FGS behaves and how it is recommended to use it.
b) to find organisational/process solutions for business requirements that would need a change of eLIMS-FGS. As eLIMS-FGS is a standard system that will not suffer code changes but just light adjustment of the implementation (configuration files : .ini, Store procedures, script), a deployment will need to change the process in order to fit to eLIMS-FGS.
c) to prepare and maintain the appropriate documentation to support a) and b)
• Work closely with PEG teams (Process Engineering Group) involved in the deployment project to steer the process changes whenever required;
• Contribute as a team member in the various tasks aiming at designing, building and testing eLIMS-FGS (technical documentation, Tests plans/cases, code change…)
• Is responsible for the communication and cooperation between business, process expert (PEG) and IT;
• Use tools such as a requirements management tool, Word, Powerpoint, Sharepoint for documentation, and specific tools for testing;
• Contribute as a team member in the preparation, the execution of a deployment project. Can be accountable & responsible for a deployment project if no Local Project Manager is available. If a local Project Manager is available, he will be responsible only and the Local Project Manager will be Accountable

• Act as/Support the local Project Manager prior to the eLIMS-FGS deployment project by :
o Providing support to facilitate the migration of data to populate other Euris applications (CRM, ComLims Offer, AX, EOL)
o Preparing the User documentation that will enable a proper and easy use of eLIMS-FGS
o Preparing test plans and test cases for the Testing team

• Install and deploy eLIMS-FGS, configure it with the support of the Implementation developer
• Support the local Project Manager during a period of 1-2 months after the go-live by :
o Providing Functional support in diagnosing incident and solving Bugs
o Fine tuning the implementation to specific uses cases (without changing the code)
o Prepare documentation for enabling the support of eLIMS-FGS by a dedicated off-shore helpdesk

• Fulfil the EurIS-CMDB role of “Module Owner” for part of the modules that are integrated in eLIMS-FGS (except Core Lab ME modules that stay under ownership of PEG IT team)

• Contribute to concepts harmonization (enforcing the concepts defined in the Key Group Documents) and steer processes simplification and standardization.
• Work with IT development team to keep documentation up to date with changes in software, or changes during development;
• Practice techniques aiming at reducing the gap between what the Business Analyst wants and what the Developer understands; ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven development)
• Ensure that extensive Test Cases are properly written / updated and validated in close collaboration with QA Test team for updated module features. Prepare testing plans and scenarios for enabling systematic testing by a dedicated testing team
• Write in collaboration with Process expert (PEG) process documentation and working instructions to drive the processes changes in Laboratories using eLIMS-FGS.
• Produce training material for applications developed and train key users.
• Ensure the level 1 and 2 support during transition life cycle (deployment) and level 3 support during operational life cycle. Level 1 and 2 will be provided by an off-shore helpdesk
• Audit and review the use of the new systems to ensure the implementation of the best practices processes.
• Escalate and follow-up on timely manner any and all issues that might be a blocker, issue deviation from SOP’s etc.
• Contribute to the troubleshooting, tests and documentation of selected applications functions, at a high quality level.
• Work with the development team to resolve issues.
• Embrace Agile values and principles (Agile Manifesto)
• Ensure follow-up to his Manager on a regular basis and as often as requested.
• Develop working relationships within the wider Eurofins IT community and with select Eurofins user groups.
- MUST be willing to travel during deployment project.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Personal Skills :
• Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
• Excellent verbal/written communication skills. Fluent in English and the working country language
• Scrum values : Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, Courage
• Ability to work in a complex international environment
• At ease with distant communications leveraging a wide array of technologies (documents and forums, phone, chat, e-mail).
• Experience in Agile methodologies would be a plus.
• Successful teamwork experience and demonstrated leadership abilities are required
• Ability to articulate and present different points-of-views on various technologies
• Time management skills are a must; as well as the ability to be flexible and creative
• MUST be willing to travel during deployment project.

Methodology skills::
• Strong and proven background in Information Technology
• Experience with SQL databases programming. Working knowledge of MS SQL Server 2008 is a plus.
• Prior experience in industrial settings, and especially with Laboratory processes, is a plus.

Language skills and level expected :
• English
• Vietnamese

Type and duration of previous experience :
• Minimum of 5 years of professional industry experience in IT Project management or/and process reengineering. Experience in a Software company is a plus

Tại Sao Bạn Sẽ Yêu Thích Làm Việc Tại Đây

  • 13th month salary
  • Healthcare insurance following the company policy
  •  14 days annual leave