Software Dev (JavaScript,AngularJS,SQL)

24 days ago

The Job

  1. Operation tasks for coupon creation/publishing from backend system.
  2. Investigate when bugs and unexpected system behavior occur and fix them.
  3. Take care of Ad-hoc data modification requests.

New IT function development

  1. Develop new service function both for a web service site and an App by following business requests and implement them.

Server maintenance

  1. Monitor server condition
  2. Backup/Restore/Update the system
  3. Re-design environment and server condition

Other support for i-Trippy business requirements

  1. Data analysis of user behavior
  2. i-Trippy website maintenance
  3. Marketing E-mail distribution support

Your Skills and Experience

  1. Mid-level IT development competency for web-application, mobile App, backend system, and database.
  2. Mid-level knowledge of security and network.
  3. Base knowledge of Google Cloud Platform
  4. Language: Java Script, Angular, SQL
  5. Proven IT experience
  6. Online communication tool use competency .
  7. Self motivated and driven
  8. Self-taught attitude