Senior PHP Developer (MySQL/OOP/English)

District 1, Ho Chi Minh

The Job

This is a full-stack role. While the emphasis is on the back-end, we’re looking for someone who also understands front-end, and loves to solve complex problems using a variety of technologies. 

This is a hands-on role. You will be required to demonstrate excellent Software engineering skills, actively propose solutions to problems, and work well with teams to define the best way to roll out and manage growing services with a focus on our full technology stack. You should be a quick learner and comfortable jumping into large technology stacks. 

If you love to write code, ship products, and solve real problems that actually matter, please get in touch. The post is a huge undertaking, but if you are up to the challenge, we have great stuff to offer. 

What you'll be doing 

  • Working with our CTO and wider team to assist in scaling one of Australia’s most exciting and fast growing live music and entertainment technology startups.
  • Assist in a wide range of areas. For example, be involved in the building of backend infrastructure in one week, then be involved in leading the build of a new ‘bring a friend’ feature to increase referrals another week.
  • Leveraging the latest technologies to get our applications and services closer to end-users and increasing our footprint; and
  • Contributing to concept development and technical strategy. 

Your Skills and Experience

  • Excellent English communication skills (i.e. listening, speaking, and writing). This is important.
  • Excellent back-end skills in dynamic languages;
  • 4+ years PHP (or similar dynamic language) experience;
  • 2+ years experience as a key member in a development team;
  • Proficient with relational databases (MySQL); experience;
  • Solid knowledge and application of OOP;
  • Experience with MVC frameworks (Kohana/Laravelexperience is highly valued); 
  • Experience building REST APIs;
  • Passion for clean, tractable algorithms, data structures, interfaces, and performance optimization;
  • Diligence in coding standards, commenting and documentation;
  • Familiarity with some form of Test Driven Development;
  • Opinionated but diplomatic character. We want people who are smart, creative, and passionate about the problems we are solving;
  • Comfortable with high levels of responsibility; and

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • Get to experience working with a fast growing, global tech company in an exciting industry.
  • Get to work alongside with CEO, CTO and have opportunities to not only experience what it's like to scale a successful company but there will be huge opportunities as one of the first hires in our Vietnam offices.
  • Get opportunities to potentially fly over to Australia as well.