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Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • New technologies
  • Balanced workplace
  • Competitive Salary and bonus

Job Description

Saritasa is looking for a Senior C# developer with Excellent ASP.NET (MVC, Webforms) experience to help find solutions to the increasingly complex and exciting challenges we face in web development.

- Daily interaction and collaboration with our UX/UI Designers, Back-End Developers, Project Managers and Testers to create great products
- Provide bug-free solutions (no leaks, no obvious bugs)
- Be up-to-date and knowledgeable about .net & web development technologies and methodologies.

Your Skills and Experience

- .NET 4.5, C#.
- Extensive knowledge of Entity Framework & SQL.
- Good knowledge of html,css, js (jquery).
- Good knowledge of MS SQL server (ability to write triggers, stored procedures).
- Good knowledge of IIS8+ internals.
- Unit testing with NUnit.
- DI (Autofac).
- Git.

- You're a whiz at writing a code (or you want to become one).
- You're very familiar with C#, EF, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC, Razor. You're own score is 10 of 10.
- You LOVE design patterns and know how to use them. Singleton, Bridge, Proxy - you can write them without googling for samples.
- You like clean, commented and documented code.
SCRUM - you know what that is.
- You believe "right" is mostly determined by users and objective metrics.
- You're not a UX designer but you want to suggest how to make an application (or service) better.
- You want to share your ideas and opinions as well as adopt other's thinking and ideas.
- Given a limited amount of free time, you would self-educate about what is new out there in development world.
- Given an unlimited amount of free time, you would write unit-tests covering 100% of your codebase.
- You're hungry to learn and getting things to work.
- You're hungry to deliver results in a fast and efficient manner.
- You're hungry to work with people who "know" what they're doing and do it right.
- When you say it's done - it's done and there are no bugs.
- You respect people for what they do, not for what they say.
- You like to work with skilled and amazing development team.

- Your personal attitude to learn everyday - is the huge and biggest plus #1.
- Experience working with web-farms & load balancing.
- Experience working on high-traffic applications/web-sites with huge business logic.
- Ability to solve non-trivial complex tasks.
- You demonstrate vision and planning in everything you do.
- You are self-motivated, clever, and able to think out of the box.
- You know the difference between: "I can't do it" and "I can't do it yet".
- Your motivation increases when the challenges gets harder.

Why You'll Love Working Here

We value your skills and contribution
- We offer a very competitive salary for our employees.
- Annual salary review based on performance and contribution.
- 13th-month salary.
- Quarter bonus based on performance and contribution.
- Unused leaves in a year will be paid as a bonus.
- English learning support and getting technical certification support programs.
- Employee recognition program company-wide.

We value your growth
- Nice and friendly working environment.
- Lots of interesting and challenging projects to work on.
- Working with smart and straight technical geeks from other countries.
- A chance to travel and get yourself trained at headquarter in California, America.

We value your time
- We don't value working over-time. A better way to do more work: be productive within your working time and spend the rest of your time with your family.
- Flexible working hours scheme is for everyone.
- In case you have personal stuff, working at home is possible.
- Can't work on that day? No worries, you can work at a weekend to keep your leave.

We value your joy at work
- Full of snacks, fruits, ... in the kitchen to help yourself during work time.
- Need to relax? Get a buddy for a dart, table football, or ping pong game.
- Having lunch with colleges or watching news/sports on TV during lunch time.

We value your health
- By default, we don't work on Saturday or Sunday, because we love to see you refreshed in next week.
- Premium health insurance during the year, so you don't have to spend money when you're sicked.
- Annual health-check to make sure you're healthy.

We value social activities outside of work
- Monthly team-building events to have more close relationship with your work-mates.
- Company trips with your family.
- Football match every week for football lovers.
- Join the running team to increase your stamina on multiple days in a week.
- Improve your English skills in English club

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