Senior Data Scientist

191 Bà Triệu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi
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18 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

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  • Cơ hội thăng tiến và phát triển

Job Description

Tribe Purpose

- The Data & Analytics Tribe will support the business by identifying trends and helping business to anticipate future customer behaviors to better understand the implications of business decisions

- The Data & Analytics Tribe will leverage leading edge technology and capabilities, applying machine learning and statistical modelling to help stakeholders understand the changing business environment, discover new growth opportunities and determine where business improvements can be made

- The Data & Analytics Tribe will be equipped with capabilities in Big data, advanced analytics and Machine Learning

Job Purpose

- The job holder supervises the set up of analytical tools to generate insights for customer journeys and product enhancements using programming methods, processes and systems to consolidate and analyze unstructured, diverse Big Data sources.

- The job holder will be required to take initiative in experimenting various technologies and tools with vision of creating innovative data driven insights for the business at the quickest pace possible and keep current with technical and industry developments

Key Relationships

- Reports to Data & Analytics Tribe Lead.

- Direct reports are none.

- Internal stakeholders include teams and partners within the Transformation Office and other relevant departments in Techcombank.

- External stakeholders include partners providing professional services

A. Data Solutioning

- Evaluate effectiveness of proposed models and track business performance against data analysis model

- Build cutting-edge algorithms and work with machine learning and deep learning tools to deliver advance analytics solutions across the firm including recommendation engines, customized data models, customer journeys, graph modes, etc.

- Drive application of machine learning and big data techniques across different journeys and squads

- Manage, execute, and review complex data science projects in an agile manner and in

compliance with internal regulatory requirements

B. Data Insighting

- Lead the identification and interpretation of meaningful and actionable insights from large data and metadata sources

- Review processes and tools designed to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy

- Proactively lead discussions in 3+ squads to identify questions and issues for data analysis

- Collaborate with Data Engineers to build complex, technical algorithms in data analytics software applications to improve work efficiency

C. Managing Projects

- Manage project conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance

- Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity

D. Managing Talent

- Mentor and coach Data Analysts into fully competent Data Scientists

- Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the tribe

Your Skills and Experience

Domain Expertise

- 7+ years of experience in areas of data analysis, machine learning, deep learning model development on large amount of data, implementing and deploying various statistical models

- Deep experience in querying databases and using programming languages (e.g. C, C++, R, Python, Scala, SQL, Java, Tableau, R)

- Extensive experience in building data and analytics solutions, data mining, statistical analysis and data visualization

- Experience in application of machine learning and AI to questions related to the financial markets

- Experience in providing fact-based insights to help senior management and other stakeholders realize enterprise value at scale

Agile / Digital Experience

- Deep experience in Agile Software Development and has mastery of Agile methodology and practices

- Experience working in Agile teams to lead successful digital transformation projects, involved in the end-to-end planning to implementation


- Bachelor's degree in statistics, mathematics, quantitative analysis, computer science, software engineering or information technology

Personal Attributes

- Exemplary organizational skills with attention to detail & accuracy

- Ability to coach, mentor, and collaborate with business partners, analysts, and team members

- Assertive, with the confidence to be voice of authority – not afraid to do what is best for team

- Ability to build a sense of trust and rapport that creates a comfortable and effective workplace

Why You'll Love Working Here


"Nếu bạn có năng lực, tự tin và sẵn sàng làm việc hết mình, hãy GIA NHẬP CÙNG CHÚNG TÔI. Chúng tôi tạo điều kiện để bạn có thể hiện thực hóa ước mơ của mình với một môi trường làm việc thân thiện, lý tưởng, Top 9 nơi làm việc tốt nhất Việt Nam (2018). Tại Techcombank, chúng tôi có những chế độ tưởng thưởng xứng đáng theo hiệu quả công việc. Bạn cũng sẽ có cơ hôi phát triển nghề nghiệp nhanh chóng và được đào tạo chuyên sâu bởi những nhà lãnh đạo đẳng cấp trong khu vực và trên quốc tế”


- Ngân hàng TMCP số 1 tại Việt Nam về lợi nhuận năm 2018, 2019

- Đội ngũ lãnh đạo giỏi dẫn dắt ngân hàng tăng trưởng liên tục gần 20 quý

- Top 2 Ngân hàng có môi trường làm việc tốt nhất Việt Nam 3 năm liên tiếp (2016-2018)


- Văn phòng đẳng cấp theo mô hình Agile tiên tiến

- Môi trường gắn kết với nhiều hoạt động sôi nổi: Sinh nhật ngân hàng, Team building, ASO, CLB thể thao, bữa trưa vui vẻ, year end party...

- Văn hóa công bằng, tôn trọng, tin tưởng giao phó


- Đào tạo chuyên sâu từ chuyên gia trong và ngoài nước

- Lộ trình nghề nghiệp, cơ hội thăng tiến rõ ràng, linh hoạt


- Thu nhập cạnh tranh; mức tăng lương hàng năm vượt trội với Benchmark thị trường

- Lương tháng 13; thưởng hiệu quả công việc, Phụ cấp, chương trình vay ưu đãi với CBNV

- Bảo hiểm SK cho toàn bộ CBNV, khám SK định kỳ tại bệnh viện 5 sao