Senior Backend Developer (Python, NoSQL)

Vinhomes Central Park, Park 6, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh
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Östermalmsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden
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Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Fast growing startup
  • Be a part of the decision making in every step
  • International career opportunities

Job Description

What You Will Do

You will develop a brand new dating app that does not fit the mold of the current market leaders. A fast responsive app will be connected to a well-structured database that has an architecture built to sustain Big Data and AI in the future. The backend will be coded in Python and connected to the NoSQL database management system MongoDB. Our server will be on AWS (S3 and EC2). You will write APIs, structure the database, develop an admin interface, ensure security authentication and much more when you work with us. We will work with SCRUM and ensure that the workflow is as smooth as possible so you will have the opportunity to directly impact the company's decision making daily.

Your Skills and Experience


The app will have a specific stack for the backend to optimize the AI and Big Data performance. We expect you to know a lot of different skills that can come into play during development.

You will need proficiency in all of the languages and infrastructure below:

  • Backend: Python (Flask, DJANGO), Javascript (React or Angular)
  • Database: mongoDB
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Knowledge about microservice architecture
  • Company language: English
  • App language: English, Vietnamese


Experience that is appreciated will be at least 4+ years in developing backends and at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field. We want great coders that have a problem solving mindset.

Why You'll Love Working Here

MeetAi! is a dating app founded by two graduates from Europe’s top universities. With a strong background in mathematics, AI, finance, marketing as well as management, we have high ambitions to create the best dating app in the world. We are now looking for talented, energetic and proactive people to join our team! We look not only for the best skills and experience, but for people who want to make an impact and solve one of our time’s most important problems: finding companionship in an increasingly lonely world.

Our work culture is to work hard, play hard and staying healthy. 

We will push everyone to achieve their potential where all members will get an opportunity to influence the company's decisions. We believe in a flatter structure than most hierarchal companies and encourage creativity over robotic work.

Every week we will have a get-together to increase team morale. These include going to dinner, playing games, escape rooms, movies etc. We want to become a close knit group of people. Obviously this is not forced upon you if you decide to spend your time in another way.

With access to the gym and the gigantic Vinhomes Central Park we encourage a healthy lifestyle. Both co-founders have athletic backgrounds and value the benefits our brains get from a healthy body. If you join our team you will definitely live longer!