Senior Android Developer (Java, Kotlin)

151 Charles Street West, Suite 100 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 1H6
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Job Description

- You will be part of a small team responsible for building a scalable cloud-based mobile device management software. 

- You will be working with a microservices architecture design that provides RESTful Web services for mobile device clients and authorized Web users. 

- The server scales to serve a large number of devices and interacts with a Big Data system. 

- As an Android developer, you will be working on apps that involve communication with the server, managing the device via Android management APIs, enabling remote control of the device, and also collecting data from the device.

Your Skills and Experience

- Experience in business requirement analysis, translation to technical requirements and enterprise system design.

- Experience with design and development experience in Mobile Device Management.

- Extensive development experience with the Android SDK, NDK, EMM APIs, and tensorflow-android.

- Experience with WebRTC, RxJava2, RxAndroid.

- Knowledge of Android architecture, camera and sensors, adb, and push notifications.

- Experience with Java and Kotlin.

- Excellent debugging skills to identify and fix issues on various Android devices and API levels.

- Experience working with various Amazon AWS services.

- Must be willing to learn new languages, technologies and APIs.

- Proactive, team player, hardworking, quick learner, punctual, and responsible.

- Able to work independently, efficiently, and meet/exceed deadlines under pressure.

- Excellent written and oral communication skills.

- Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.

- Creativity and initiative to improve the product and effectiveness for the entire team.

- Comfortable communicating cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal settings.

- Thought leadership on emerging software engineering methodologies and best practices.