Search Backend Developer (Java)

Viettel Complex Building - 285 CMT8, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh
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22 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Incredible challenges.
  • A great chance to impact millions of users.
  • Passionate & talented colleagues.

The Job

At Tiki, Discovery team's mission is to help customers discover products as easy as possible. Our key products are search and recommendation, a couple vital products that any world-class e-commerce must place at heart.
To serve this important mission, our team is constantly iterating and standing together to solve problems. We build and maintain features that have extremely high throughput with millions of requests per day and high contribution to company's revenue. We play with Big Data, Machine Learning, and even Deep Learning. We know the road, but we're just getting started.
As a Back-end developer working within Discovery team at Tiki, you'll be the key driver for:
  • Drive and implement technical solution to a variety of features that serve high throughput and also high availability.
  • Build, test and ship back-end APIs support search and recommendation features.
  • Design, implement and maintain streaming flow of products, categories, brands, even customer interactions,… from multiple data sources with high accuracy.
  • Understanding business objectives, working closely with Data scientist to analyze, develop, ship and optimize machine learning models used in search ranking and recommendation.
5 reasons why you should join us:
  • We are constantly iterating! There is no such best version for anything, no fastest API, no best machine learning models. We build, test, ship, and optimize, and test. Just a stream of improvements and tests.
  • We have data-driven mindset, every point of changes must be tested to gain insights into its impacts on key metrics. It's a long process, but over time, we gradually learn and become confident in our approach.
  • We have "enough" valuable data to analyze and gain insights into customers, which helps us adjust our features to bring the best experience to customers.
  • We love "best practices". Serving important features with high throughput always give us a hitch to research and apply best practices. Any experiment or optimization is always welcomed.
  • We are both independent and open. We own our products. Technical problems would be discussed internal, but for difficult one, we could request other's help.
Who would be your companions:
  • Your team: product manager, front-end, UI/UX designers, quality control engineers.
  • Other: Chapter back-end, group of all back-end developers at Tiki, gathered and played as a backbone to share best practices, solutions for difficult problems, oriented technical vision across teams,...

Your Skills and Experience

  • At Tiki, our search engine is ElasticSearch, you must have knowledge about core concepts and know-how to play with it. Having at least 1 year experience would give you the ability to build and ship search features that satisfy business needs.
  • Proficiency with Java.
  • High load, low latency is the 1st requirement to build such system as search. Experienced with asynchronous programming and multi-threading is a plus.
  • We serve features with high throughput, so you must have building high quality code and system performance mindset at heart.

Why You'll Love Working Here

Inside our engineering team:
  • We iterate constantly. There's no such thing as the best version of anything, just a constant streams of improvements and tests.
  • We move fast, really fast. Major changes can be executed in a few days, many times just a few hours.
  • We have a data-informed mindset. We try to use data to inform our decision as much as possible.
  • We are independent. Most of the time, your team will not need technical assistance from other teams.
  • We take risks. We're not afraid to challenge "best practices".

Our attractive offers include: 

  • Open communication with passionate and experienced members.
  • Challenging working environment.
  • Easy access to the library with tons of startup, product, UX, coding... books.
  • Private healthcare insurance.
  • Annual health check-ups.
  • Special internal programs for Tikiers when shopping on (free ship TikiNow service, discount...).
  • Internal events to bond our mutual understanding & spirit such as team building, team outing, Tiki's birthday, year-end party...
  • New & beautiful office with a pantry room (with bar), entertainment & gymnastic equipment, yoga rooms, a library and an open space facilitating cross-department communication.
  • Competitive salary and performance review (twice a year), 13th-month pay and bonus based on performance.