Scrum Master (Agile)

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3 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Flexible working time
  • Free, comfortable and beautiful workplace
  • Personal development

The Job

Hurry up! It’s your time to shine as a professional Scrum Master!

  NAL SOLUTIONS DANANG is looking for 02 Scrum Masters who will work with product team to develop perfect valuable software from requirement to delivery. You will be a servant leader to the team, responsible for executing on Scrum best practices, removing team impediments (including addressing root causes) and facilitating team interactions and events.

Don’t hesitate to sending us your profile if you think you are a good candidate.

What you are responsible for:

  • Represents management to the project
  • Responsible for enacting Scrum values and practices
  • Removes impediments
  • Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive
  • Enables close cooperation across all roles and functions
  • Shields the team from external interferences
  • Helps Product Owner maintain backlog and reiterating the goal of the project to the development team

Advanced Duties:

  • Follow the "plan-do-check-act" approach
  • Identify a quick-win and help others to implement it
  • Training/Coaching Team
  • Attend external courses/workshops/presentations as a coach
  • Define current needs, create new processes and evaluate them
  • Master of using Project Management Tools
  • Lead different types of projects (small/big/mobile/web/internal/commercial)

Your Skills and Experience


  • Business level Japanese is preferred for this role
  • Prior experience in Scrum Master/Agile IT projects
  • Really love to become a professional Scrum Master / Agile Leader.


  • Certified by reputable Scrum Training International Organizations (Huge Advantage).
  • Advanced knowledge about Management methodologies
  • Advanced technical knowledge

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • Attractive salary according to personal skills and experiences
  • Performance Appraisal Review 02 times per year(10 - 30% per time)
  • Beautiful and comfortable workplace
  • Flexible working time – Do not mind the working time at NALS. We’re only focus on your responsibilities and qualities of your tasks/productions.
  • Free in-house food&beverage (milk, juices, coffee, tea, ….)
  • Provided the best devices such as Latest Macbook Pro, Screen, Iphone X, Samsung S8, …
  • Free training such as Scrum Master, Agile Leader, CodeGym, …
  • NALS Care Insurance build by NALS team (much more flexible and better than Bao Viet Insurance)
  • Adhoc promotion according to excellent performances and good review from other members
  • Onsite opputinities – Short-term/Long-term in Japan and other countries


  • Free Lunch with CULI team for Nalser in probation
  • Annual Company Trip and Year End Party
  • Teambuilding for each production team(huge budget per person)
  • NALS Sea Games - Sport Competition for Nalser
  • NALS Events per week, per month, per quarter (Hosted by Doraemon team)