Quality Control Engineer (QA QC, Tester)

Floor 5-6, BĐATHH Building, Tự Cường, Ward 4, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh
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11 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • 24 years working in Silicon Valley
  • Cross-platform and native development experts
  • Full-stack solutions from Web to wearables

The Job

In developing new projects, we're looking for several Quality Control candidates with following expectations:

  • Create and execute test plans, scripts, and QA estimations.
  • Execute, report, review and validate test results and defect reports
  • Conduct usability and browser compatibility tests
  • Communicate task status, ensure testing commitments are met and communicate potential impacts, risks to target dates.
  • Conduct internal audits to measure and assure adherence to established QA standards
  • Prepare and maintain product related test data.
  • Provide developers with high-level test cases and scenarios, collaborate with developers to establish the optimal technical solutions for customers, test those solutions.

Your Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/computer science
  • A minimum of 4+ years direct experience as a Quality Control
  • Experience with testing cloud/web based applications
  • Experience with automated testing tools, and reporting software
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Strong knowledge of system testing best practices and methodologies.
  • Understand Agile approach to software development.
  • Understand and create test plans from specifications
  • Ability to form and articulate a position on the quality of a particular release, and the product in general.
  • Ability explain at a basic level on how changing conditions, current events, and historical contexts influence the quality of a release and the product.

Why You'll Love Working Here


  1. 27 years working in Silicon Valley
    Since 1992. From early mobile operating systems to smartphone apps to enterprise and embedded systems to social robots, we’ve been part of the action you care about.

  2. Cross-platform and native development experts
    Whether you’re targeting multiple platforms or intending to run “native” on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, we have the design skills and the development know-how to deliver a smart, stable solution.

  3. Full-stack solutions from Web to wearables
    Back-end or front-end, we architect for scalability and keep the UI and business logic separate. You get a code base that can grow with your business and adapt to changing device specs and user needs.

  4. We really, truly care about quality
    Deeply. We're committed to delivering outstanding results the only way we know how: listen, build, test, refine, repeat.

  5. In it for the long haul
    Our business is configured to sustain long-term relationships: stable, high-quality teams that remain with your company over multiple product cycles.