Mobile Apps Team Leader (iOS, Android)

720A Dien Bien Phu, Vinhomes Central Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
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12 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Work with smart people who care about you
  • Unlimited paid leave and flexible working hours
  • Great salary and benefits

The Job

We’re looking for a true tech junkie to help us build the foundation of our tech team in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon. You will be at the center of the action and will need to contribute to all areas of the business, all while building, nurturing and caring for a world class team of developers. This probably calls for a bullet list. This is what we need you to do:

  • Recruit and onboard a world class tech team. 
  • Contribute to our strategy and goals. 
  • Lead daily standups, prio sessions and retrospectives. 
  • Put your crunch hat on and write beautiful code
  • Contribute to the tech evolution and implementation. 
  • Work on process improvements
  • Suggest new features and improvements. 
  • Lead the bug hunt
  • Keep your team on track, on toes and happy
  • And last but not least, be part of building the best football game on the freaking planet!

Your Skills and Experience

You're a developer at heart, but we also care a lot about your personality, entrepreneurial spirit and team leading skills. We’re developing in Swift and Kotlin. Our backend is built in Java with MongoDB and MySQL as best buddies, so you need to be familiar with all of these, and an expert in one or two.

  • So, in dev terms, you need to be an expert in: Kotlin OR Swift AND Java.
  • You need to be experienced in Prioritization AND Estimation AND Kanban AND Scrum.
  • You need to be experienced in the Recruitment of native developers
  • You need to speak and write fluent Vietnamese AND good English.

Your personality

You’re that person that everyone else knows will just solve it. You’ve probably been misused a lot because of this. Maybe you’re tired of working in an organization that doesn’t seem to want to improve. Which is also something that drives you crazy. Well, here’s your chance to prove that you can do it better. You firmly believe in doing the right thing. You’re a systems thinker that can zoom out to see the big picture, as well as zoom in to find problems and track down root causes. You’re a firm believer in causality and while others seem to struggle with it; being pragmatic, efficient, strategic and analytical just comes natural to you.

You’ve been managing teams before. Teams that today also speak well about you. You believe that a healthy culture and happy teams are essential for building a good product. You take a keen interest in user experience as well as the business side of the technology you craft. Are we looking for a unicorn? Maybe. We view it like our next big recruitment and the hunt to find a fellow entrepreneur that wants to build this company and product with us. To do so, you have to be pretty darn good.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • We're a bunch of happy and hardworking people who got together to build something great for all the football lovers out there. We believe in freedom and autonomy with responsibility - that having a team that agrees on the way we work is better than having managers shouting out orders. We spend a huge part of our lives at work, so it just makes total sense to make this a great place to be.
  • You will love working at TrophyRoom because you'll be part of a team that listens to you and cares about you. A team that builds something truly unique that connects football lovers all over the world.
  • You will love working at TrophyRoom because we care a lot about how we work, not just what we work on. We spend a lot of time and effort on making sure everyone is kept up to date, heard and that feedback or concerns are actioned upon.
  • You will love working at TrophyRoom because you won't have to worry about the basic essentials, like having a good salary or health insurance. For us that's a given.
  • You will love working at TrophyRoom because you will have the chance to develop your skills and become even better at what you love doing.
  • You will love working at TrophyRoom because you will be part of building the company you always wanted to work at.