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Mobile Apps (Flutter/iOS/Android)

Manabie International Pte Ltd
Copac Square, 12 Ton Dan Street, Ward 13, District 4, Ho Chi Minh
4 days ago

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Dynamic, transparent, and professional environment
  • Tremendous opportunity to grow your career
  • Owning a seamlessly platform to enable education

Job Description

We are looking for Mobile Apps Developer 

  • Implement & maintain mobile apps using Flutter
  • Work closely with our product managers and UI/UX designers to understand feature specifications
  • Communicate with QA engineers to design and understand technical specs
  • Proactively give feedback and ask questions to contribute to product specifications’ improvement
  • Work closely with backend engineers for API integration
  • Make a thing work first before make it better
  • Test driven development with unit and integration tests (no test, no merge culture)
  • UI/UX sensibility:
    • Intuit what users might and might not expect to see
    • Make smart adjustments to design specs to achieve better results
  • Proactively fix any usability issues

Your Skills and Experience

  • Familiar with Flutter via professional project/product development or pet /outside work projects
  • Experienced with TDD
  • Strong knowledge about algorithms and data structure
  • Good knowledge and experience with UI & UX
  • Experienced in native mobile development (Android or iOS)
  • Teamwork: “Your problems are my problems, my problems are your problems”
  • Excellent software engineering skills
  • Strong desire to learn and to grow
  • Validated ability to excel in a fast-paced development team

Nice to have

  • Being experienced in native iOS development is a plus
  • Being experienced in embedded views or features from native to Flutter is a plus

Why You'll Love Working Here

Tech Culture:
Teamwork: “Your problem is my problem, my problem is your problem.

We believe in Test Driven Development, no test no merge culture

Output with values, not just code: tech members have chances to talk/work with multiple stakeholders in manabie’s ecosystem.

  • External: leaners, parents, coaches, tutors, teachers, etc. (inter)
  • Internal: cross functional team consisting of product manager, designers, like-minded programmers, content creators, data scientists, operational personnels, etc.

Automate as much as we can

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